Monday, July 21, 2014

Mix it Up Monday: Better Than This?

Hello, hello! I hope you all are having a better day these people did. Hang in there today! 













Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Surprise! I'm back!

Hey there Pinstrosipeeps!

How the heck are you? Rachel, here. Since you haven't read a blog post from me in about three months, let me re-introduce myself. Haha, just kidding (only kind of).

I hope this Sunday Surprise post finds all of you well, and crafting up a storm. After looking through what everyone has been up to this summer, it looks like the 4th of July pinstrosities went over smashingly. 'Merica!

In case you're wondering what I've been up to, let me fill you in. If you're not, just scroll down a ways. I'm going to make a list so it's quick, ready? Go!

  • Mother's Day Festivities
  • Father's Day Celebrations
  • Family in town
  • Laid off from job
  • Worked for mom when she injured her hip
  • Got new job
  • Returned to work
  • Busy busy busy
The good news? Life is going well, and thank goodness I am working again. The bad news? I've got no real pinstrosities to report to you. As a matter of fact, I have hardly been on Pinterest. However, today's post is going to revolve around my wonderful mother, Beth. Why do you ask? Because she's a Pinterest addict like we are AND she taught herself how to send me pins. This means that I frequently log onto Pinterest only to have 40 notifications all from my mother. So, without further delay, today's Sunday Surprise post is a fun collection of pins sent to me by my dearest mama.

1. The Best Daughter in the World
2. Puppies. 
Because, really, who doesn't love puppies.

3. Friends

4. Math and Driving

5. Happy Little Trees
Yay Bob Ross!
6. Sass

7. Astronomy
I'm still not over it.

8. Flirting
Seriously, my mom knows me too well.

9. Facing Your Fears
10. Kitties.
Because, c'mon, who doesn't also love kitties?

If you'd like to follow my mom on Pinterest, you can do so here! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and hopefully, I'll have some projects for you soon.
Internet-hugs to all of you!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday-Healthy Ice Cream???

Em here, so this is one of our VERY FIRST POSTS EVER!!! And it's summer so I feel it is relevant in that it is about Ice Cream :) Homemade healthy ice cream...too good to be true?? Check it out!

Healthy Ice Cream?
I was looking for sugar free desserts the other day and came across a recipe for yogurt, honey, cinnamon ice cream. I pinned that faster than...something really fast. I LOVE cinnamon. I love honey. I love ice cream. A combination of the three? Yes please. This sounded heavenly.

The Original Pin

You'd think with three ingredients, this would be pretty fail proof. 

What Went Wrong:
  • Our gel canister ice cream maker was way too cold and the yogurt concoction froze solidly to the sides almost instantly, so the paddle couldn't turn. 
  • With the sides of the ice cream maker coated in a solid layer of overly frozen yogurt, the yogurt in the middle just got didn't freeze much at all. 
  • I wanted ice cream and this definitely was not ice cream. It was good yogurt, but it didn't even come close to ice cream for me.
This is 20 minutes after scooping out the soft's still frozen solid. I could mortar a house with this stuff! You can't use metal on these gel canisters...and as you can see, a wooden spoon just doesn't cut it.

How to fix this:
  • Let the ice cream maker thaw out some before I try and freeze yogurt
  • Try the alternative method given in the blog of freezing in in popsicle form. 
  • Try different flavors in the yogurt...maybe I can make it less yogurty and more desserty.
    • Vanilla and caramel flavorings
    • Throw in some fresh fruit (ooh...berries!)
    • If you still want to make it healthy and sugar free but don't want the honey taste, try using Truvia or some other natural sweetener. We like Truvia at our house.
  • Buy ice cream if it's ice cream you're wanting. 

Do note, that this isn't a bad recipe at all for regular yogurt when yogurt is desired. I'm going to make it again, just not when I'm craving ice cream.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I've Been Up To, and It's Not Crafting!!

Hello all!! This week has totally escaped me!! Marquette is off at girls camp no doubt having tons of fun! I am here working my butt off at the salon. I haven't had much time to craft since I have been working so much (50+ hrs/week) and we are training for another half marathon!! So today I know it isn't a Pinstoristy, but I thought I would share what I have been up to. I will say with this though, probably 75% of the hair inspiration pictures people bring in are from Pinterest! It is a GREAT resource for me! I browse fun hair stuff on Pinterest between clients and have found some incredible stuff!!

So here is my make shift Show-and-Tell Thursday!!(In no particular order).

She was a light brown before hand and just wanted to bump it up a notch for the summer :)
 After years of thinking about the A-Line she finally took the plunge!!
This half-up-do was for her mothers wedding.
She wanted her Ariel red toned down a bit and an added blonde section right up front ala Christina Perry.

 "Long on top, short on the sides." Done.

A mother daughter duo came in to get all fancified for a wedding.

Going back to her favorite shorter hair do!
 His girlfriend requested the big chop. He decided on a shaggier shorter Justin Bieber-ish do.

 Chunky highlights for the win!
 My best friends wedding. :) What a great week of festivities it was!!

 Unicorn Mohawk. Check. My job rocks.

There you have it. Some of my documented work. I don't always take pictures and I really should be better but there are a few of the ones I remembered to take quick snapshots of. Hope everyone is having fun being creative in their own way. Right now, for me, this is my creative outlet :) Happy Thursday all!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beach Wins

Do you remember back a ways when I said I'd give a few beach pins a test on our vacation? Well, I did! A few. Two. I got too busy playing in the waves, building sand castles, and burning my skin off (worst sunburn of my life) to try some of the fun picture ideas I saw. But that's okay because I have some awesome memories and we all had a blast. But, I can report on the two beach pins I did test out. 

Beach Pin Test #1

The idea is to rub baby powder on skin to get the sand off. I was skeptical. But I brought some baby powder to try anyway. 

No picture here, worked! Amazingly so in fact. That's the coolest trick ever. Even if you aren't taking a baby to the beach, grab some baby powder. It's worth it just for yourself. 

Beach Pin Test #2
Still not sure who to give credit to for this photo and idea. 

Remember Braizee's results? 

Her 7 month old twins demolished their pool. After reading and seeing her results I decided that when I tested it I was going to do the following:

  • Dig straight down: The hole in the first picture is pretty abrupt. What I mean by that is that the sides are more vertical than sloped. More like a regular kiddie pool. 
  • Fill the whole bottom with water: With the "vertical" sides, they were able to get a generally uniform depth of water in the kiddie pool, and they filled the whole bottom with water. I imagine this will help to keep the plastic in place and hold it against the bottom and sides of the sand hole. 
  • Tent stakes: Extra hold in the sand! 
  • The trench: The pinner described digging a trench around the main pool hole to put the edges of the plastic in, and then burying the edges well. This is the key step, I'm imagining, to keeping the plastic liner from getting pulled in. The weight of the sand should help to keep the liner in place and to make it much harder from getting pulled in. 
  • Shower liner and Tarp: I'll buy a shower liner, but I also have a tarp that is much bigger and could make a bigger kiddie pool if we wanted. I'll bring that too in case the shower liner is just not quite big enough. 
In the end I forgot to get tent stakes, so I skipped that one. I also only brought the heavy duty shower liner (passed the thin shower liner up figuring thicker and more sturdy was better for this), and left the tarp at home. But, I did do the others. How did it turn out? 


It was a huge success! Darrow loved his own personal ocean to play in. I was surprised at how easy it was to dig too big of a hole. The first time (we did this twice, on two different days) I almost dug it too wide. You don't need a huge pool really. Our pool ended up being about 3 feet wide. Maybe 3 1/2 feet. It was about a foot deep (not the water, the hole). We made sure to try and make the bottom of the pool even, and to make the sides of the pool vertical. That worked really well and actually wasn't too hard to do. We made sure to dig a good trench around the pool to tuck the edges of the shower curtain in and piled a good rim of sand on top. The water warmed up so nice, it was like bathwater! After the babies were done in the pool and it was time to pack up and go home, it served as a nice place to wash sand off our hands and feet. We were able to get 2 days use out of the one shower liner, and probably could have used it more times, but we weren't really interested in hauling it home (it was sandy, and had started to turn a gold color rather than clear) and then storing it until we get back to the beach (which isn't a common occurrence).

If you're taking a trip to the beach anytime soon, I definitely recommend either or both of these ideas. They were great!


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